Work process


Everything I do starts in a sketchbook. After I have read the brief and done the research, I start with fast sketches of every little idea that comes to me, regardless of how good it is. At this stage I will also sketch a couple of random thoughts, just to see where it takes me. This will help me to get a clear picture of what it’s all about.

After the initial sketching, I will polish off a couple of ideas, try out different perspectives and compositions. Here I will focus on the best ideas, which I will present to the client in a loose, but easily readable sketch. The ideas will be debated and maybe new and better ideas will emerge.

When the idea has been approved, I will make a much more detailed drawing, one that is very close to the finished illustration. In this drawing I will add all the details, what is happening in the background, the light and shadows etc. Here I will also be open for whatever small things the story will bring, but of course being true to the approved idea.
This drawing will be presented to the client and debated.

Once the drawing has been approved, I will move to the last stage. I will most often redraw the whole thing again, to get a tighter and more precise drawing, but keeping the loose lines.
The finished illustration will be done digitally, which is basically the same way it is done traditionally – except I don’t have to wait for the paint to dry.

DI Dansk Industri Transport, Årets Cykelinitiativ 2020.